The Eritrean People will be crowned with Victory only if the Struggle is organised along Nationalist Lines

Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis, London, September 1, 2015

Throughout history, people who are disorganised and atomised have always been at the disposal and mercy of the cruel and powerful, while on the contrary, organised and united people have always succeeded in defending and claiming what is rightly theirs through their own efforts and struggle. In other words, organisation and unity is the strength of the weak in their struggle against the more powerful adversary. Indeed, without organisation, the people are like birds without wings at the mercy of their enemies.

The Eritrean people today have become like birds without wings and find themselves at the total mercy of the PFDJ hooligans ruling Eritrea today. However, if organised, the power of the Eritrean people is much greater than that of the tiny PFDJ thugs in power in Eritrea today.

There is thus an urgent need to organise the Eritrean people inside Eritrea in cells, at all levels: house-by-house, school-by-school, and village-by-village, and town-by-town, etcetera. And let us create the necessary conditions and infrastructure for a people’s uprising, and thereby remove from power the dictatorial PFDJ regime. This, however, cannot be achieved without first creating a powerful nationalist organisation led by determined nationalist leaders stationed inside Eritrea. I mean leaders that are prepared to face hardship, imprisonment, and even death while leading the people in direct revolutionary action. For there can be no people’s uprising in Eritrea that can force the PFDJ regime – a regime which has maintained itself by brute force for decades – to surrender power to the Eritrean people without the leadership of a nationalist and secular organisation that has established an organic link with the Eritrean people.

I would also like to make all Eritreans aware that besides the totalitarian PFDJ regime, the organisations that are shaped and structured along ethnic, religious, regionalist lines, and their leaders, and the Woyane regime, are the foremost enemies of Eritrean nationalism and the security and political independence of Eritrea.

Similarly, I would also like to make all Eritreans fully aware that all the dysfunctional organisations and their leaders sitting in Ethiopia waiting to see a political miracle happen know that miracles do not happen in politics without the direct revolutionary action of the masses. There must be a nationalist organisation and secular leaders that inspires and embolden the masses to take revolutionary measures. Sadly, however, at the moment, we do not have nationalist leaders within the ranks of the dysfunctional opposition forces based in Ethiopia who could lead by way of an example, stir, and motivate the people into revolutionary action. This is a bad omen for Eritrea and its people.

Consequently, in view of the experience gained in the last 15-years, there is now pressing necessity for Eritrean nationalist forces to re-organise themselves into an effective nationalist organisation (along the lines I have indicated earlier) and struggle to remove the tottering and moribund PFDJ regime, in order to hand power to its rightful owners: the Eritrean people. If this could be done, the future of Eritrea and its people would be much more hopeful.